Fashion-forward shoe designer in Boston helps celebrities stay ahead of the game

BOSTON (WHDH) - Lady Gaga’s avant-garde fashion has been turning heads on red carpets for years, partly thanks to a shoe designer in Boston.

Thom Solo has been the singer, songwriter and actress’ go-to guy when it comes to fancy footwear.

At 28 years old, Solo knows the power of social media and used it to give the superstar’s people a reason to check him out.

“I went through the junior stylists Instagram and liked every single photo I could and tried to get her attention,” he said. “An hour later, I got an email stating Gaga had requested several pairs of shoes.”

This was the first of many steps to propel the Newton native from art student to designer and now celebrity craftsman.

“The power of gumption and going after it is really something to be said,” Solo stated.

In college, Solo honed in on sculpting and started his own business at 19. He turned to local cobblers for help in molding his art into something wearable.

He now designs his creations in Boston’s South End and has them manufactured in London.

His shoes are custom made and his clients are well-known in the pop star world.

“Ciarra’s stylist, Madonna’s stylist, Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicki Minaj’s stylist all said, ‘when can we get this boot?'” Solo said as he pointed to a drawing of one of his creations.

Ten-inch heels may not be practical for the everyday woman but Solo says they add padding to the heels and toes to make them comfier.

The shoes start at $2,000 but Solo says he hopes to create a more mid-luxury line soon so more women can channel their inner Gaga.

“We’re designing for a woman who wants to have a moment,” he said. “And I think every woman wants to have a moment and deserves to have a moment every day.”

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