Fierce winds, flash flooding, strong storms leave path of destruction across Mass.

ANDOVER, MASS. (WHDH) - Strong storms brought fierce winds and flash flooding that left a path of destruction as they moved east across the Bay State on Thursday afternoon.

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for much of Massachusetts as trees where uprooted and streets were flooded out.

Storms rolling through the Merrimack Valley toppled at least a dozen trees all along Southridge Circle in Andover — some even coming to rest on homes and decks.

Neighbors said the storm only lasted about ten seconds long, but it was enough to do some real damage.

“I actually was looking out my back window and I saw a lot of damage at the back of my house,” Neighbor Don Levi said. “And then I turned and look at the front of my house, and by then, all these trees were already down.”

A flash flood warning was issued for parts of Essex County as downpours and severe thunderstorms moved in making for a hectic commute.

Methuen and Lawrence to Georgetown and Newburyport experienced flash flooding as heavy rain poured down.

Many roads were overcome with deep water and some vehicles were stuck.

The rainfall made for a treacherous commute with water overtaking the intersection of Merrimack and Market streets in Lawrence, according to Mayor Dan Rivera.

“Nobody could come out because it was like to the stairs,” Lawrence resident Kelvin Almenas said. “The water came up to the stairs and all that water came up through the basement.”

On Plum Island, the water stretched up to touch homes and cars.

Officials warned everyone in the affected areas to use caution and avoid flooded roadways.

Cleanup in communities across the area is expected to last through at least Friday.

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