Firefighters rescue dog that fell through ice in Ashland

ASHLAND, Mass. (WHDH) — Firefighters rushed to the rescue on Friday to save a dog after the animal fell through thin ice at the Ashland Reservoir.

Firefighters said the dog got away from a dog walker and fell through the ice into the cold water just before 2 p.m. Friday. A passerby tried to rescue the dog before firefighters arrived but also fell through the ice. They were able to get out safely.

“We don’t recommend anyone going out. Just call us, let us come out with the equipment, we have a rescue sled, we have rescue suits, we have trained firefighters that know what to do,” said Ashland Fire Lt. David Iarussi.

With a rope attached to one firefighter and two others attached to another rope and a special sled, they were able to pull the dog to safety. The dog had fallen through the ice more than 150 feet away from the shore.

The dog was in the icy water for at least 20 minutes and was taken to Medway Animal Hospital. He had a lower than normal body temperature but is expected to be OK.

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