BOSTON (WHDH) - Anala the tiger is experiencing serious age-related heath issues, the staff at Franklin Park Zoo announced.

The staff noticed that recently, Anala has been lethargic and uninterested in being outdoors. Bloodwork and a biopsy on Sept. 21 revealed that, since her last exam in May this year, her kidney values “have substantially worsened” and that she is in kidney failure. Kidney issues are not uncommon in cats her age, the zoo said.

Anala had been in very good health until recently, according to Zoo New England Senior Veterinarian Dr. Chris Bonar.

“We’re saddened to share the news about her current health issues. We are monitoring her closely, making sure that she is comfortable and doing everything we can to ensure that she continues to enjoy a good quality of life for as long as she can,” he said.

Though she is undergoing care, her kidney condition is chronic and irreversible, and there may be days when she chooses not to go in her outdoor habitat.

“Anala is an incredible ambassador for her species, and while we know it may be disappointing to guests not to see her in her outdoor habitat every day, we appreciate everyone’s care and understanding,” Franklin Park Zoo Assistant Curator Chris Bartos said.

Bartos said that the team is very dedicated to Anala’s care, ensuring “she is comfortable and enjoying her favorite treats.”

Anala, a Bengal mix, was one of two tigers whom were both confiscated as young cubs by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service special agents from a wildlife sanctuary that was attempting to sell them. Franklin Park Zoo then provided a home for the animals when the Tiger Tales habitat opened in 2006– the first time that tigers had been exhibited at the zoo in 30 years. Through their story, the zoo was able to educate the public about illegal wildlife trafficking and unethical exploitation.

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