From Electric Avenue to Easy Street

Some degree of cloudiness hung around this afternoon as the upper level winds kept yesterday’s storm system somewhat captive. Combined with a light sea breeze, it did cool the beaches in the afternoon. As the night progresses, those clouds head offshore as we’re treated to some stellar weather in the coming two days.

And yes, I purposely omitted Sunday.

Don’t want to foul your weekend plans, but there is a dainty weather system scooting by offshore (one that was missed by some of the models yesterday) and it may be just close enough to put down a few widely scattered showers across the Cape and the Islands. Rest of us should stay dry. It’s a stinker of a low pressure system too – keeps shifting to and fro. Now that all the weather maps have partly latched onto it, some are dousing us in rain, others are just making for a cloudy, cool (70s) day. I’m playing up the cloudy/cool forecast. Don’t see this being a big issue, and certainly not one to cancel plans over.

In this summer that has seen tornado warnings, steamy days, flooding, cool days and a few hot days, we’re lacking in the 90 degree department. So far “only” 3 in Boston in a season that typically sees 14. Now seeing how the pattern can change on a dime these days, we can certainly make that up in August, but I don’t see that happening in the next 7-10 days.

Enjoy the nice weather.