Garbage collection workers on strike amid fight for better benefits, more pay

MARSHFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - Garbage collection workers in Marshfield, Abington and Rockland have gone on strike as they fight for better benefits and more pay.

The strike started last Thursday and is still continuing as they push for better benefits.

Sean O’Brien, President Teamster’s Local 25, said, “We believe to be paid like every other union trash worker in Boston and around the country.”

The Teamster’s Local 25 members are walking as negotiation continues with the garbage collection company Republic Services.

“In these great thriving economic times, there’s no reason why our members shouldn’t be sharing in the profits,” O’Brien said. “Not trying to be demoralized and taken away from them.”

Since the workers have gone on strike, some people have shown their support by driving and dropping off their own garbage.

Dan McKennan supports those on strike and said, “I hope the guys get what they’re asking for, I’m willing to do this for now and hopefully it’s settled.”

Local teachers are also showing their support for the workers on strike and are giving them a hand.

M.E.A. Vice President Chris Galvin said, “We’re just coming out to express our solidarity with our fellow unionist’s teamsters and hopes that they get their contract needs met.”

As the strike continues, garbage pick up has resumed with Republic Services using other workers.

The company released a statement that said, “Republic Services resumed residential and business collections this week in Marshfield, Abington, and Rockland… Republic Services respects our employees’ right to collective bargaining and will continue to work toward a fair contract.”

With negotiations reportedly breaking down Thursday morning, those on strike say they will be here until their demands are met.

“One day longer, one day stronger, teamsters will be here and we’re going to win this strike,” O’Brien said.

Union members across the country, including some in California, are showing their support by going on strike as they all push for better benefits as part of these negotiations with Republic Services.

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