Good samaritan hailed as hero for helping to stop bus fire

A man is being hailed as a hero for helping to stop a raging fire on a tour bus on Wednesday. 

Josh Holt was driving west on the Mass. Pike on Wednesday when he spotted flames shooting from a tour bus in front of him. 

"Very quickly it started getting worse," said the 35-year-old who was driving with his son.

Holt said he thought the bus was going to pull over but instead it moved into the middle lane. Holt realized the bus driver did not realize the bus was on fire. 

The bus, which was carrying 45 people to Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut, was passing through Southboro when Holt spotted the flames.

Holt honked at the bus as he pulled next to it, but the driver did not notice. Then, Holt pulled in front of the bus and pumped his brakes to signal the driver. 

The bus driver then pulled to the side of the road. Firefighters responded to the scene as the passengers got off the bus safely.

Holt said he was just doing the right thing. 

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. 

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