Herd of alpacas back home after getting loose in Attleboro

ATTLEBORO, MA (WHDH) — Nine alpacas are back home Tuesday night after they escaped from their Attleboro pen and went for a stroll through the neighborhood.

Officers responded to the Slater Street area and found the herd alpacas on the loose. They had gotten loose from the Happy Snowman Alpaca Farm. Owner David Ciszkowski took the blame for the animals escaping.

“How did they get free? Because somebody didn’t close the gate and that was me!” said Ciszkowski. His wife Janice Ciszkowski said she rushed home from work to help corral the alpacas.

“I was worried about them getting hit in the road,” said Janice Ciszkowski. “But the couple of times they did cross the road, the traffic stopped, so I’m very thankful for that.”

Two animal control officers, two police officers and a few residents worked together to round them up and get them back to their farm.

Credit: MARK STOCKWELL/The Sun Chronicle
Credit: MARK STOCKWELL/The Sun Chronicle


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