Hernandez hinted at suicide just weeks before his death

An attorney for a fellow inmate, Kyle Kennedy, is demanding that the former Patriot’s lawyers hand over one of the suicide notes that Hernandez left behind.

Kyle Kennedy, in prison for armed robbery, says he may be able to help investigators who are looking into Hernandez’s suicide, if he gets a chance to see one of the notes the former football star turned convict left behind.

“We’ve heard that parts of the letter may be incoherent,” said Attorney for Kennedy, Larry Army, “My client believes that may be because the letter was written in accordance with language typically used behind the walls of a jail. So he believes that he could potentially decipher what that letter says.”

Army says Kennedy and Hernandez were close. But says Kennedy himself wants to be the one to further explain their relationship.

He says Kennedy was stunned by the suicide but then remembered a separate note he received from Hernandez about three weeks earlier.

Army says in the note, “Hernandez did state ‘I think I’m going to hang it up. Lol.’ My client at the time didn’t read into that, thought it was a joke. But three weeks later when we see what happened, it has a different meaning for him.”

Kennedy’s attorney says his client doesn’t just want to see the note discovered the night of the suicide but says his client is also owed a $47,000 watch that he says Hernandez promised to give to him.

Hernandez’s attorney, Jose Baez, who is currently trying to get Hernandez’s murder conviction vacated, says Kennedy’s claims are baseless.

Army said that Hernandez and Kennedy connected through mutual associates and that they first corresponded by letter when Kennedy was in prison in Walpole.


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