Hoax Craigslist ad claims Weymouth man was giving away Hot Pockets

WEYMOUTH, MA (WHDH) - A man in Weymouth found himself receiving dozens of phone calls asking for Hot Pockets and it was all part of an elaborate prank.

Someone posted an ad on Craigslist Wednesday, saying they were closing their convenience store and wanted to give away 3,000 Hot Pockets so they did not go to waste. Attached to the ad was 25-year-old Nolan Powers’ phone number. Within minutes, Powers was flooded with phone calls.

“They were psyched, everybody was like, ‘wow, no way!’ and they were so disappointed when they heard that it wasn’t going to happen,” said Powers.

Powers said he received about 100 phone calls. In addition to people looking to score some free Hot Pockets, he was also contacted by charities, schools and summer camps. Powers said a man who runs a sailing program for a children’s summer camp called, offering to take them and freeze them for the summer.

Eventually Nestle, the company that owns Hot Pockets, heard about the Craigslist prank and stepped in to help. The company will donate 3,000 Hot Pockets to Boston-area food banks. Powers said that makes the prank all worth it.

“To find this out now, it’s pretty amazing,” said Powers.

Powers does not know who was behind the Craigslist ad but believes it was one of his friends. He said Nestle’s donation has also inspired him to give back and he will be hosting an event to benefit a food bank later this month.

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