Kennel owner charged with animal cruelty

HOPKINTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Hopkinton kennel owner was charged with animal cruelty after officials said dogs were left in unsanitary conditions but the owner said the charges are unnecessary.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston said numerous inspections revealed unsanitary conditions at Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton. The kennel had new floors, fencing and kennels inside when 7News was allowed to look on Wednesday. The director, Louise Coleman, said she has not done anything wrong.

“We’re just doing the best we can and complying,” said Coleman. “Hoping to straighten this all out. I don’t even know what the charge is all about.”

The state ordered a cease and desist at Greyhound Friends until further review.

Coleman said since 1983, she has adopted out more than 10,000 dogs. She said she is hoping the dog owners will be willing to give testimonials on behalf of Greyhound Friends.

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