‘How did this happen?’: Peabody woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth in bathroom

PEABODY, MASS. (WHDH) - A Peabody couple welcomed a surprise addition to their family earlier this year after the woman gave birth in her bathroom — without knowing she was pregnant.

Melissa Surgecoff and Donald Campbell were planning their wedding for June when Melissa started feeling ill on March 8. Melissa said she’s used to pain from battling multiple sclerosis, so she didn’t think much of it this time.

“I did feel a little like, you know, whatever, flutters I suppose, but I just kind of thought it was gas,” Melissa laughed.

But the pains got worse and as Donald called 911 for help, Melissa delivered a 6-pound 6-ounce baby boy.

“I’m in the archway of the bathroom like screaming, freaking out,” Melissa recalled.

Three weeks later, Liam Aiden Campbell is happy and healthy and his mother and father feel lucky, if still a bit surprised.

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