BOSTON (WHDH) - Youth sports are in full swing this summer with temperatures expected to reach the high 90s this week and the heat index stretching over 100.

Dr. Richard So with Cleveland Clinic is sounding the alarm on heat-related illnesses that could come from playing sports in dangerously hot temperatures as Boston declares yet another heat emergency.

“Kids who are playing in sand volleyball tournaments, softball tournaments, baseball tournaments, those kids are cramping,” said Dr. So. “Even during doubles at practice you’re getting tight cramps, those kids are probably behind on their electrolytes.”

Heat illness is usually the result of spending too much time in hot, humid weather, said Dr. So, and it can cause fatigue, muscle cramping or heat stroke, which could be deadly.

Dr. So advises the following to best tackle the heat:

  • Drink water the night before playing a sport
  • Consume saltier drinks and snacks to replace electrolytes and prevent cramping
  • Take frequent breaks from playing

If someone appears to be suffering from heat exhaustion, Dr. So said there are ways to help if the worst-case scenario happens.

“You put ice over their large arteries and blood vessels. You put ice in their groins, ice in the armpits and hose them down. Number one thing is cool them down,” said Dr. So. “Get them in the shade and then get them as hydrated as quick as you can. Obviously, oral hydration would be the best.”

If someone notices that they or their child are having hallucinations, slurred speech, getting agitated or confused, experts said that’s when people should seek medical assistance right away.

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