Hundreds stranded at Orlando airport after flight cancelations

ORLANDO (WHDH) — Long lines and impatient passengers are the scene in Orlando, where hundreds of people have been stuck at the airport.

Frontier Airlines canceled 70 percent of flights over the weekend after a snow storm hit Colorado.

Now groups of people – like a youth football team from Las Vegas – are hoping to get home for Christmas.

“People use Frontier because it’s reasonable, but this is absolutely ridiculous,” said passenger Sonya Hicks. “We’ve been trying to get children fed, we’ve been trying to figure out where we are going to house kids because they told us we can’t leave until Thursday. It’s Monday! It’s Christmas time!”

When the team’s Monday morning flight got canceled, what started as an exciting trip to compete in Florida is ending in tears of frustration.

“It’s an insult. It’s an insult,” Hicks said. “And these boys worked hard to get here. And what’s happening right now is unacceptable. They’re children.”

The airline says many of its flight crews were snowed in after the storm and weren’t able to come to work.



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