BOSTON (WHDH) - Workers and customers at a Boston barber shop are relieved that a barber who was injured in a freak accident in the middle of a haircut is recovering.

Max Cohen was getting his hair cut at the Boston Barber Company on Beacon Hill when barber Steve Silva took a nasty fall.

“He was walking around behind me and then he slipped … I was like oh it’s fine,” Cohen recalled. “And then I realize he’s holding scissors and there’s blood on the floor and he goes ‘Oh my God I just stabbed myself.”

Cohen and other barbershop employees rushed to help Silva. The barbershop owner said doctors told him Silva is lucky to be alive.

“From what I understand, if it had been an inch to the left of the right, he would have been gone,” Robert Dello Russo said, adding that police wouldn’t let employees clean up the blood on the floor until they saw the surveillance video.

“They thought it was a stabbing,” Russo said. “I mean a guy gets stabbed in the center of the chest with scissors and the police come and you tell them, yeah he fell on his scissors. The story is not believable so I don’t really blame them for thinking that.”

Cohen said Silva texted him after the accident and was still making sure Cohen got what he came in for.

“He texted me, he just said thanks for everything,” Cohen said. “I asked him how he was doing. He said he was doing well … and then asked me if I got my haircut finished, because he wasn’t quite done yet.”

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