Block of ice from moving car smashes Attleboro couple’s windshield

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WHDH) — An Attleboro couple is warning drivers to clear off their cars completely after ice from the top of a moving car crashed into their windshield.

Ashley Campbell said she and her husband were in their car when she saw a large piece of what she thought was snow slide off the roof of another car. When it forcefully smashed into their windshield, Campbell said she realized it was a block of ice.

“I had glass on my lap from the windshield, it was all over my dashboard, it was scary,” said Campbell. “I’m just so thankful my children weren’t in the car.”

The driver of the other car kept driving and Campbell said the person may not have realized what happened. She was able to get the car’s plate number and called police. Campbell and her husband were not injured.

Campbell said she is sharing her story as a warning to drivers.

“Please clean off your vehicles entirely,” said Campbell. “Windshields are not enough.”

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