BOSTON (WHDH) - Improvement on a Boston road is causing confusion for drivers and bikers.

People are trying to figure out where to park on Columbus Avenue.

It’s all part of a repaving process on the busy road, but some are saying it’s missing the mark.

Many are scratching their heads, trying to make sense of the road improvements along the street.

The public works department is in the process of repaving the road through Northeastern University.

The city has added bike lanes close to the curb and blocked out the areas for cars to park, but there are no signs saying who should go where.

“Oh, I see, so the cars are supposed to park in the rectangle and the bikes are supposed to be in the interior,” one bicyclist said. “Unless you paint it green or something nobody knows. Or you put the little the barrier cylinders.”

“Clearly, it’s not being used correctly right now. And I think you get a few cars that line up like that and everyone follows suit,” said bicyclist Kevin Macchione.

Nicholas Yin is among the many drivers just falling in line who didn’t know he was parking in a bike lane.

“I saw there was a parking sign down there and usually that’s the parking spot, the street parking,” Yin said.

The Boston Transportation Department says it’s all a work in progress, responding to complaints on social media Monday, tweeting: “The @BostonPWD team isn’t done. The forecast shows a rainy week ahead, but they’ll get back out there ASAP. In the meantime, we’ll be flyering the area to let people know that we’re in the process of making a change. We’ll add educational signage when the project is further along.”

“I think the signs should’ve gone up when the lanes went up. I think that makes sense to me,” said bicyclist Chase Klingaman.

When the signs do go up, and people figure out what to do, some bicyclists say the new lane will be safer.

“It’s never perfect, but this protects you from the moving vehicles and now you’re just watching out for doors and pedestrians instead of doors, pedestrians and moving cars,” Macchione said.

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