Increased parking fines in Boston take effect Monday

BOSTON (WHDH) - The city’s plan to boost parking fines for 11 parking regulations will go into effect Monday.

“The fines to be increased reflect those violations that most negatively impact Boston residents, are most frequently violated, and are a source of traffic congestion and safety issues on Boston’s streets,” the city’s transportation department wrote in a release issued Tuesday.

The parking violation fines to be increased are as follows.
• Resident Parking, from $40 to $60
• Overnight Street Cleaning (Ticket But No Tow), from $40 to $90
• Loading Zone, from $55 to $90
• No Parking Zone A, from $55 to $90
• No Parking Zone B, from $25 to $55
• Double Parking Zone A, from $45 to $55
• Double Parking Zone B, from $30 to $35
• No Stopping or Standing, from $75 to $90
• Meter Fee Unpaid, from $25 to $40
• Over Meter Time Limit, from $25 to $40
• Over Posted Time Limit, from $25 to $40

“Parking regulations are a crucial component of urban transportation systems and abiding by them helps considerably to keep streets safe, functioning and equitable,” Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Gina N. Fiandaca said in a statement. “For instance, safety is improved when hydrants, wheelchair ramps and snow emergency lanes are not blocked; traffic congestion is eased when vehicles are not double-parked or left in no parking zones; and the parking needs of residents, businesses and visitors can best be balanced when drivers refrain from parking illegally in both resident parking and loading zones, as well as from monopolizing short-term parking availability at meters. Boston drivers are strongly encouraged to voluntarily comply with all posted parking regulations and help BTD to maintain the safety of our roadways.”

Also effective Monday, vehicles parked in violation of the city’s posted overnight street cleaning program, where street cleaning begins at or after midnight and ends no later than 7 a.m., will no longer be towed. However, vehicles parked illegally at these locations will be subject to an increased parking violation fine of $90.

Vehicles parked in violation of the daytime street cleaning program will continue to receive parking tickets with a fine of $40 and will continue to be subject to towing by a private contractor which results in additional fees.

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