Investigation continues after brutal beating in Lynn

LYNN (AP) - Two men accused of a brutal beating are expected in court.

They’re facing rape and assault charged in connection with an attack in Lynn.

A 48-year-old man is now fighting for his life after police say the suspect beat and raped him inside his home.

Police are trying to figure out what happened in that apartment on Chase Street early Sunday morning.

Lynn police say the found the 48-year-old man badly beaten with a bat or some type of pipe.

Medics rushed him to the hospital.

Some neighbors say there have been problems at the home in the apartment complex before.

“I don’t like obviously seeing it in my building,” said neighbor Jason Lord,”I mean, we used to have a bad reputation here and you finally got it cleaned up, and stuff like this happens.”

The victim is still in critical condition and the investigation continues into what happened leading up to the attack.


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