ASHLAND, MASS. (WHDH) - While no one was hurt after lightning demolished a tree in an Ashland yard Saturday, neighbors said they were unnerved by the bolt from above.

“All of a sudden it was an explosion, my shelves went off the wall, everything was broken. I had never heard anything like that before,” said neighbor Cathie Ryan.

The lightning strike downed the tree at the Ashland Commons Apartment Complex on President’s Row, and scattered large chunks of wood more than 100 feet away from where the tree once stood, impaling roofs and cars.

“I spoke to a police officer and he said yeah, lightning struck almost underneath the tree and it just exploded,” said neighbor Donna Flores. “I came outside and I couldn’t believe what I saw … just disaster, there’s tree trunks everywhere, pieces of tree everywhere.”

While half a dozen people saw their apartments damaged, no one was injured. Assessors will survey damage to the property.

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