Italian fisherman reels in 280-pound catfish

An Italian fisherman reeled in a 280-pound Catfish that could be a record breaker.

He said it took 40 minutes to reel in the hefty fish.

Dino Ferrari has been fishing for 20 years and he’s caught hundreds of catfish before: big, European catfish. But, at 280 pounds, this latest one was the cat’s pajamas. Ferrari said the 40-minute struggle to land the fish on Italy’s Po River left his lure slightly damaged.

How did this bus mechanic and his twin brother driving the boat react when they finally towed the fish to shore?

“This was an incredible moment and we embraced ourselves because we were so happy,” said Ferrari.

Ferrari said he fished for sport and sport fishermen don’t kill their catch – they let it go. Ferrari said he had the whopping catfish in his possession for only half an hour.