‘It’s just like we lost 2 sons’: Weymouth man accused of viciously stomping chihuahua to death

WEYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - A 19-year-old Weymouth man was arrested on Memorial Day after police say he viciously stomped a chihuahua to death and dumped its corpse near a pond in the town.

Shykeim Basden was arraigned Tuesday on charges including cruelty to animals, malicious killing of a domestic animal, threat to commit a crime, and vandalism to property, according to the Weymouth Police Department.

“It’s just like we lost two sons,” Basden’s father said through tears.

Officers responding to a call from 259 Lake St. around 3:30 p.m. learned Basden had just killed a chihuahua, police said.

“The dog was leashed and the suspect was stomping on the dog,” Police Capt. Joseph Comperchio said.

A witness told police that she had watched Basden repeatedly stomp on “Coco,” the family dog.

Basden then allegedly fled the scene with the lifeless dog in his arms and dumped it on the shore of Whitman’s Pond near Josie’s Way.

“He did have blood on his shoes, his pants and his shirt,” Prosecutor Courtney Kierman said.

He was arrested four hours later and held overnight without bail.

When asked if he understood the charges lodged against him, Basden replied, “Kinda,” and asked for his say in the matter.

An investigation is ongoing.


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