Jaguars fan gets an unwelcome surprise when custom jersey arrives with Patriots logo

JACKSONVILLE, F.L. (WHDH) A Jacksonville Jaguars fan got an unwelcome surprise on Thursday when he opened the box of his custom football jersey.

Tim Richert describes himself as a “die-hard” Jaguars fan, which is why he was so upset to see that the custom jersey he had ordered from the NFL shop for the upcoming 2018 season arrived bearing a New England Patriots logo.

Richert has been a fan of the team since it’s inception in 1993.

Like any fan, he enjoys supporting his team by sporting their merchandise.

“I have about six jerseys at home,” he said. “I have a couple white ones, a few teal ones. and I just purchased a gold one too.”

With memories of the Patriots comeback win in the AFC championship game still fresh, Richert thought this logo mix-up must be a joke.

“How could somebody do that to us?” he asked.

He says the NFL shop has no idea how the mix-up happened. But, a representative from the Jaguars has reached out and the team will be overnighting him a new shirt.

Reichert says he may hold onto the jersey saying, “it’s a talking piece.”

But don’t expect him to be sporting it next month when the Pats take on that Jaguars in Jacksonville.

“For a Jacksonville fan. it’s not something that we want to see on a Jacksonville jersey.”

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