Governor Jeb Bush is hoping to find his stride in New Hampshire after campaigning hard during the past few months. 

Bush was in good spirits on Tuesday after surging in the polls since Saturday’s debate and could surprise a lot of people with a strong finish in New Hampshire. 

The former Florida governor visited a voting location in Bedford Tuesday morning. 

He finished sixth in Iowa, but is optimistic he will have a better showing in New Hampshire. 

Bush has held more than 100 events in the Granite State and said he thinks one-on-one time has allowed more undecided voters to warm up to him. 

"I feel good about where we are, but as you know this is a volatile year, and a lot of people make up their minds in a diner, they haven’t made up their mind yet," Bush said. 

If Jeb does not finish in the top five, he said it does not mean his campaign is over. 

"It’s not do or die, we have a real organization is South Carolina, in Nevada, a nationwide campaign," he said. 

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