LYNN, MASS. (WHDH) - Five people were rescued after their boat overturned in Lynn Harbor, and some of them are speaking out about their experience.

“I was really cold,” said Dr. Edward Tarlov, one of the group rescued. “It’s important not to warm up too quickly because you could die.”

The group was forced to cling onto the side of their 10-foot dinghy after a wave nearly washed it away. Tarlov said they were on their way to his sailboat moored in the harbor when the incident happened.

Everyone was wearing a lifejacket, and had to tread water for almost 20 minutes.

“It was just very fortunate that so many people helped us,” said Josh Robertson, who was also rescued. “That’s the biggest thing.”

Several Good Samaritans, including Assistant Marina Manager David McQuarrie, quickly ran to help. The rescue was captured by Daniel Trevino’s GoPro. He was fishing with a friend when he saw the boat flip over.

“A gentleman loaded up his boat to go out for one of the final sails for the year, he had some inexperienced people with him and someone leaned quick and the boat just flipped right over on them,” said McQuarrie, who saw the boat capsize.

Rescue crews retrieved all five passengers, four men and one woman, who were all wearing life vests after the small boat described as a 10-foot dinghy capsized into Lynn Harbor around 10:30 a.m. The five passengers were then wrapped in blankets to warm up and brought ashore. Tarlov was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. Officials said the Lynn Harbormaster then towed the small boat.

McQuarrie and Tarlov reunited after Tarlov was released from the hospital.

Officials said the incident serves as a teachable moment, reminding people of the importance of wearing a life jacket– a sentiment both Tarlov and McQuarrie echoed.

“Expect the unexpected, no matter what you should have a life jacket on,” McQuarrie said. “The new ones today they self-inflate, it’s so good, you’re fools not to have it, it just saved their lives.”

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