PROVINCETOWN, Mass. (WHDH) — Destiny’s Child singer and solo artist, Kelly Rowland, along with some close friends, headed out to sea Friday for some whale watching.

“The girl Kelly Rowland’s out there. It didn’t really click. It was a busy day,” said Noah Santos, who came to the rescue.

Rowland and her friends set sail Friday morning. The ship got lost in the fog and five foot waves about 30 miles off shore. The group spent about 12 hours lost at sea.

“They were all very happy, excited to not be out there any longer,” said Santos.

“I didn’t know off the top of my head when one of my launch drivers said Kelly Rowland’s on the boat. It didn’t really flip a switch in my head, don’t put that in there either,” said Santos.

This was probably one of the times where Rowland would rather not have been recognized. And they weren’t out of the water yet.

“Basically, I escorted her back and then the boat ended up breaking down about four miles off of Provincetown and I ended up having to two them the rest of the way,” said Santos. “She said that they did see whales and were having a great time.”

The next right, Rowland just happened to see her rescuer and his wife at a restaurant and she graciously picked up their dinner tab.

“We happened to be in there and I was walking by her and I said ‘you look a lot better than you did last night.’ She started laughing and she said, ‘Noah.’ She jumped up and gave me a hug. It was very nice, pretty funny, but surreal,” said Santos.

One of the passengers on the boat did get a little sea sick but other than that everyone was okay.

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