Kentucky deputy sued for allegedly handcuffing two children

A Kentucky Sheriff's deputy is being sued for allegedly shackling two children for misbehaving. He is currently working as a resource officer. 

The American Civil Liberties filed the lawsuit Monday, and released a video which shows one of the alleged encounters involving an 8-year-old boy.

The video shows a child crying with handcuffs on in a chair.

The parents of the 8-year-old boy say he was emotionally scarred by the experience.

He was allegedly handcuffed at Latonia Elementary School last fall.

Rickell Howard of Children's Law Center said, "What we see here is the children being hurt while they're in school."

The lawsuit stated school resource officer, Kenton County Sheriff Deputy Kevin Sumner, admitted that he handcuffed the child after an outburst at school. 

The officer can be heard on the video saying it was because the boy tried to swing at him. 

Lawyers said a second child, a 9-year-old girl, was handcuffed twice last fall at Carlisle Elementary. 

"In both cases we see that the children are exhibiting behaviors related to their disabilities, both of them have ADHD," said Howard.

A representative for the sheriff's department said the county attorney is reviewing the lawsuit and has no comment right now. 

Howard said, "Children with disabilities should not be handcuffed, especially when their behavior is related to their disability."

In both cases, the parents asked for monetary damages from the county. 

The attorney said they did not ask for the officer to be fired. 

The parents did express their desire for all deputies to be trained in how to handle children with disabilities.