Kevin Spacey not likely to appear at pre-trial conference in Nantucket

NANTUCKET, MASS. (WHDH) - Actor Kevin Spacey will likely not be in attendance at his pre-trial conference in Nantucket on Monday, but his lawyers will be heading to court with a long list of materials they would like to retrieve to defend the Oscar winner.

The pre-trial conference is the first court proceeding since Spacey’s arraignment in early January, where he pleaded not guilty to a sexual assault charge.

The 59-year-old actor is accused of reaching down the pants of an 18-year-old busboy at the Club Car Restaurant in the summer of 2016.

The teen’s mother, former news anchor Heather Unrue, said Spacey bought her son drinks at the bar before groping him.

Spacey’s lawyers want to look through the cellphones of the alleged victim and his girlfriend, not just for texts and communication from that night, but everything in the years after.

The teen and his family did not talk to police until more than a year after the alleged incident happened and the charges were just filed a few months ago.

The defense team is also looking for witnesses who were at the bar that night.

They claim, in court filings, that if someone as famous as Kevin Spacey was in a packed bar like it reportedly was that night, people would notice and would be able to say if something did or did not happen.

Spacey’s attorneys say it’s notable that so far, not a single witness from the crowded bar corroborates the alleged victim’s claims.

To find the possible witnesses, they are asking the man who owned the bar at the time to hand over bar receipts of customers who were there that night, employment records to show who was working at the time, and any and all surveillance video from the busy July night.

The alleged victim and his family also retained a civil attorney who did his own investigation into the alleged incident and Spacey’s attorneys are hoping to also gain access to the correspondence that the attorney had with the district attorney’s office and police to make sure no information was fed to them.

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