Leaf Filter


Leaf Filter- Gutter Protection Redefined.

LeafFilter is the #1 consumer-rated gutter protection system available on the market today. No other system – whether a DIY product you can pick up at your local hardware store or another professionally-installed system – can match the quality of LeafFilter.   LeafFilter gutter covers use the most effective debris-blocking and water-handling gutter screens in the history of the gutter protection industry! Absolutely nothing will adhere to our surgical grade stainless steel microfilter gutter guards. And, our patented microfilter will never rust or corrode.

Here at LeafFilter, we believe quality is most important. That’s why we won’t install LeafFilter gutter guards on your home unless we’re 100% confident they will work 100% of the time.  Visit us in booth 429 to learn how LeafFilter works!