I know these chilly days have been bugging you. Cold air, stiff winds – mostly the onshore type that chill to the bone. But my response to you is the simple adage: pay me now or pay me later.

Cold winds flowing off the ocean – and the accompanying stratus clouds we saw today – are helping, not hurting. The sun’s energy is going into heating that chilly wind, and help create those clouds. As cruel as it seems on an April day, it’s an important process that helps slowly warm the ocean (warm days in the 70s early this week help too). Let it lie and it may come back to curse us in early summer. There’s reason to believe that colder than normal ocean temperatures could have a link to gloomy, wet starts to summer. Right now, our water temperatures are between 3-4 degrees below normal. We need to keep this train rolling.

In any event, this is a huge sports weekend: Bruins, Sox, and the Marathon. All the way, the weather’s on our side. Tons of sun to warm us into the low 60s tomorrow, but despite it shining brightly on Sunday, a switch in the wind direction shoves us back to the 50s. Another turn on Monday brings back the 60s, but this time it’s MID 60s by early afternoon. Check the forecasts for the details:

To everyone running Monday: Good luck and #BostonStrong

If you’re enjoying the city this holiday weekend, be safe, enjoy and

GO Bs!!!!!!


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