A big advancement in laser eye surgery – it’s a new device that could be the fastest in the world correcting vision in a matter of seconds. Jesus Ramirez admits while his glasses help him see, they also hold him back.

“You don’t give it your all because you don’t want to break your glasses and you don’t want to have to get a new pair,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez is having vision correction surgery to allow him to see long distances. He came to Pacific Vision Institute to benefit from what they say is the world’s fastest vision correction laser – the Wavelight X-500.

“With this laser beam shaped like a cylinder we can deliver energy to the center of the cornea and the outside of the cornea so the normal shape of the cornea is maintained,” said Dr. Ella Faktorovich of the Pacific Vision Institute.

This dramatically reduces patients’ risks of seeing halos or glare at night. The treatment takes just seconds, reducing the problem of dry eye tissue and recovery is dramatically shortened.

Jesus is expected to enjoy 20/20 vision in just one to two weeks, instead of the traditional three months.

“I saw immediate improvement,” said Sam Garetano, a laser eye patient.

Sam Garetano had his procedure a few months ago and was seeing 20/20 in no time at all.

“The idea of having a quicker recovery made PRK much easier to chose,” said Garetano.

So how did the procedure go for Jesus?

“It was nice and easy,” said Ramirez.

As he says goodbye to his glasses, he’s hoping he’ll soon say hello to 20/20 vision.

Because this new fast laser can quickly deliver a permanent correction, it eliminates the need for patients to return for follow up procedures.

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