BOSTON (WHDH) — The baby news drew a growing crowd of Americans outside the Royal Palace.

“I remember watching Charles and Diana getting married when I was a teenager and now to see her son have a baby is magical,” said one American woman.

While across the pond in New England, Britons here in Boston were just as thrilled about the Royal Baby Boy. British clothier, Jack Wills’, employees said they look at Prince William and Kate Middleton as extended family back home.

“Really excited. Dad did let me know he would be having a glass of beer tonight to celebrate to wet the baby’s head,” said employee, Harriet Hill.

“It’s huge news for everyone back home, big here as well,” said employee, Joshua Picton.

The President was also eager to send his best wishes. In a statement he said, “Michelle and I are so pleased to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child.”

Prince William was born at the same hospital in 1982 when the late Princess Diana was 20. Kate is 31 and after more than 10 hours in labor, the future King of England was born.

For the British this wasn’t just the birth of a celebrity, but a celebration of tradition.

“The royal family, it reps 100s of years of tradition for Britain. It’s part of our national makeup, it’s part of what makes us British. So having a new royal baby, we now know the next person in line to the throne. It’s the continuation of royal family and these traditions that help make us British,” said the British Consul General to Boston, Susie Kitchens.

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