Long lines at Logan as U.S. sees slow holiday travel

BOSTON (WHDH) - Holiday travelers flooded into Logan International Airport in Boston Monday as they tried to reach their destinations before Christmas.

Everything appeared to be going smoothly at Logan, where the weather remains dry. More than 138,000 passengers were expected to go through the airport.

The lines were long, but passengers said it was part of traveling to see family members.

“It’s worth it for the holidays, it’s worth it to go see your family,” said Evan Viola. “However long on line it is, just deal with it.”

“You have to do it, take a deep breath and go with the flow,” said Nancy Pugliese. “No point in getting stressed about it.”

However, other airports across the country dealt with long lines and problematic forecasts.

Some passengers at Sacramento International Airport in California were stranded for hours after a vehicle crash took out a utility pole Saturday night.

“It’s frustrating. The line’s forever,” Jana Troester said. “I’ve been here for an hour and I haven’t even got up there to check my bag yet.”

The crash caused an internet outage, forcing airline staff to check in passengers manually.

“We can’t control the internet or the plane leaving or anything, so it’s like why get all huffy and puffy about it? We’ll be here anyway,” Rachel Larson said.

The weather also did not help the situation.

The West Coast dealt with rain, damaging winds, snow, and freezing temperatures.

Down South, heavy rain and gusty winds could affect people’s travel plans.

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