CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Dozens of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students gathered to take part in the annual piano drop.

On Tuesday, a piano filled with candy free fell off the roof of the Baker House dorms before hitting the ground and breaking into pieces.

“I honestly don’t even know the origins of why we drop a whole piano off the roof, but it’s been such a big part of Baker culture that we just want to continue it,” one student said.

The piano drop is a tradition that spans more than 50 years. It, unfortunately, had to be put on hold for two years due to the pandemic.

For most students lining up to record it on their phones, this is their first time seeing the drop. But, in the past, students sold T-shirts to raise money for a local charity.

“So we’re kinda trying to get back on our feet and unfortunately that’s not something we were able to do this year, but we were just trying to restart the tradition again, but that’s a focus we’ll be moving onto next year,” said one student.

This year’s piano drop was made all the more special for students now that they’re back face-to-face enjoying their life on campus once again.

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