Man captured after Reading manhunt held without bail

A man captured following a manhunt in Reading on Sunday has been held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing. 

Brian English, 30, appeared in court on Monday.

Police pursued a car belonging to English, who was wanted on multiple charges, on Sunday.

Police found the red SUV after it crashed into a light pole.

Police and SWAT teams were called to 39 Hillside Rd. Sunday morning to look for Brian English. Neighbors said English lives at the house with his mother and grandfather. 

"We noticed a sniper with an assault rifle on the roof of the armored vehicle, then we were figured something was really going on," said neighbor Gregg White.

English allegedly held his on-again, off-again girlfriend against her will inside his home for two hours as he beat her. 

According to court documents, it all began when the girlfriend got calls and texts from her friend, causing English to take away her phone and punch or kick her every time it rang. 

Documents also said English slammed his girlfriend’s face into a coffee table repeatedly and kicked her with his shoes. 

The person calling and texting the girlfriend called police, but when officers showed up, he said he hadn’t seen the girlfriend and wouldn’t let them in the home. 

The girlfriend managed to escape and English’s mother, who police said was in the house the whole time, drove her to safety. 

English’s dangerousness hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 4. 

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