Man charged with rubbing woman’s feet without permission at Natick Mall

NATICK, MASS. (WHDH) - A Framingham man is facing criminal charges after a woman said he rubbed her feet without permission while she was trying out a virtual reality kiosk at the Natick Mall, police said.

The 26-year-old victim told police she was at the mall with her boyfriend Saturday when she decided to try out the virtual reality experience.

But once she put on the goggles and climbed into the V-R pod, Semih Orge, 31, touched her inappropriately, pulled on her feet, and tried to look up her skirt while her boyfriend was in a nearby pod, according to police.

Although Orge wasn’t at the address in Framingham where he rents a room, his housemate spoke to 7News.

“Just moved in a little while ago with his buddy across the hall,” housemate Adam Sorenson said . “I really don’t know him that well.”

Orge told police he doesn’t speak English very well and simply tapped the victim’s skirt to let her know people might be able to see up it. He also claimed he touched the woman’s feet because moving her feet was part of the virtual reality experience.

Orge is currently free on $2,500 cash bail. His attorney said he hoped to travel home to his native Turkey but the judge refused to return his passport.

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