Man tries to devour 100 McChicken sandwiches in 24 hours

(WHDH) — A senior at Michigan State University recently tried to eat 100 McChicken sandwiches in 24 hours as part of a challenge that was posted on Snapchat.

Derek Metcalf, a self-proclaimed lover of chicken, was required to eat about 35,000 calories worth of McChicken’s in order to complete the challenge.

The Lansing State Journal reports that Metcalf prepared for the intense eating marathon by working out aggressively in an attempt to shed as many calories as possible.

It wasn’t the lettuce, buns or chicken that hindered Metcalf, it was the mayonnaise.

“Too much mayo makes a man weak,” Metcalf told the Journal. “It was really hard to eat that amount of mayo.”

Metcalf says he knew it was going to be a problem after just four sandwiches. He labored on however, reaching 24 before calling it quits.

The chemical engineering major’s courageous attempt was posted to the college’s Snapchat story, where it racked up thousands of views.

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