Massachusetts leading Northeast in population growth

BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts is leading the Northeast in population growth, with some of the biggest increases in Middlesex and Suffolk counties.

Secretary of State William Galvin said Friday that U.S. Census Bureau estimates show all but four Massachusetts counties increased in population between July 2015 and July 2016.

Galvin says since the 2010 census, population increased 8.6 percent in Suffolk County, which includes Boston, and 5.8 percent in Middlesex County. The state’s total population was 6.8 million in July 2016, a 4 percent increase since 2010.

The only counties that have not seen population increases since 2010 are Barnstable, Berkshire and Franklin.

Galvin said populations in Suffolk and Middlesex counties were boosted by immigration, and the state’s international migration rate was almost double that of the country as a whole.

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