Massachusetts man rescues distressed snorkelers in Bermuda

(WHDH) — A Massachusetts man is being hailed as a hero by a Philadelphia family, whose recent vacation in Bermuda nearly turned into a tragedy.

Patti Trenholm was snorkeling with her husband, her brother Paul and his wife Anita in Church Bay last week when the sweeping riptide left them pinned against a rock as waves crashed down.

“When I looked over, I saw Paul and Anita were up against this rock,” Trenholm said. “The waves were going over her head, and Paul is just holding onto her for dear life. They just had panic in their faces.”

Trenholm swam to the beach in an effort to track down help. That’s when Allen Yannone, of West Bridgewater, stepped in to see if everything was OK.

“They’re hurt and they can’t get out,” Yannone said. “Once I heard that, I went right in.”

Trenholm said Yannone calmly swam out to help as his wife yelled for him to be careful. Yannone reached the couple and carefully guided them back to safety.

“I just couldn’t express how grateful we all were,” Trenholm said. “He was just so humble and so sweet and was just so glad everybody was okay.”

Yannone said he would do the exact same thing 10 times out of 10.

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