Massachusetts State Police ready to handle post-Super Bowl celebrations

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, New England will undoubtedly be buzzing. Authorities say they plan to use an array of new technology to keep residents safe if the team captures its sixth championship on Sunday.

A new plan designed by the Massachusetts State Police Division of Homeland Security to ensure safety during any sort of post-game celebrating was unveiled exclusively for 7News on Wednesday.

Lt. Col. Dermot Quinn says authorities will use infrared drones to monitor activity from a watch center at state police headquarters in Framingham.

Whether the team wins or losses, state and local police will have a course of action in place.

“State police, Boston police and our federal partners will all be out there. Some you will see. Some you won’t see,” Quinn said.

The multi-million dollar nerve center features a wall of monitors with 24-hour surveillance. Law enforcement will be ready to move to any potential problems in an instant.

Quinn says the watch center can link state police to police in any Massachusetts town or city to help control celebrations if they get out of hand.

“For us now, one stop shopping. You want to know what’s happening? Call the watch center,” Quinn said.

Drones, helicopters, police dogs and bomb squads will be standing by and ready for deployment.

“It’s great having the Patriots in the Super Bowl for a sixth time, but you have to celebrate responsible,” Quinn said.

Police say they don’t foresee any problems, but being prepared nonetheless is a top concern.


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