Mayor Marty Walsh giving back to the community on Thanksgiving

BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is getting into the holiday spirit serving up Thanksgiving meals to those in need at the Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House.

The May was joined by many Boston officials.

And along with 200 volunteers they serves thousands of meals.

They mayor started the day on Boylston Street at St. Francis House carving a turkey alongside girlfriend Lorrie Higgins.

And met with residents as they shared their concerns.

“It can give us a little inspiration that by him being in here,” said Lenny Higgenbottom, “being in his presence that can help lift our spirits, we won’t feel left behind, it’s a big thing.”

Joined by Police Commissioner Bill Evans, the mayor made his way with Senate President Stanley Rosenberg to the Pine Street Inn, where more than 200 volunteers helped service meals to the homeless.

“The character of our city is really seen in how we take care of those who need a little extra help,” said Boston City Council member Tito Jackson. “This is an expensive place to live, and for some, it’s really easy, but for many who used to be in better situations, it has really become too hard.”

The day is about more than simply turkey and sides but it is an opportunity for a community to come together.

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