MBTA riders drenched after bus leaks water

LYNN, Mass. (WHDH) — It rained, it poured, and it all happened inside a bus during the morning commute.

“It was just pouring down. It was just coming right out the back, just going everywhere,” said Scott Fisher, who rode the bus Friday morning.

Fisher caught the 441 bus from a stop in Lynn, headed for Boston. Minutes into his ride, he was nearly drenched.

“I was bumped I didn’t know what the problem was. So I got up and I glanced over and that’s when water just starts coming down like crazy,” said Fisher.

The bus was packed with commuters and Fisher said there was little anyone could do.

“We all just kind of huddled, moved away from the masses of water and then I just turned on my phone and started filming it,” said Fisher. “It’s laughable. I mean, you’re standing up in the middle of the aisle and there’s nothing you can do, you just gotta watch the rain come down and take a picture of it and laugh.”

And he said this was after the bus had already broken down for ten minutes.

“This is a standard commute on a rainy day,” said Fisher.

This wet ride, he said, is a regular complaint by North Shore commuters. He said the buses outside the city tend to be older and more prone to leaks, though this is the worst he’s seen.

Now he’s hoping the MBTA will take notice before the next storm.

“A lot of us, we’re taking expresses into the city because we work in the city and we live in the North Shore and we rely on these buses. It’s very inconvenient when people are dressed up nice in their business clothes and they’re sweltering heat or they’re getting dripped-on and their briefcases are getting wet. It just is not convenient at all,” said Fisher.

The MBTA issued a statement that read, “One of our OCC staffers saw this person’s video and they followed up with this person when they posted this video…They also mentioned the bus was taken out of service on its own at Wonderland.”