Former Melrose officer arrested for posing as state trooper, stealing truck

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) – Officials arrested a former Melrose Police Officer overnight on Friday for allegedly posing as a Mass. State Trooper and stealing a truck from Team Nissan in Manchester.

Former Melrose officer Derek Guthro, 46, is suspected of posing as a state trooper and not returning a truck after taking it for a “test drive.”

Shortly before 10 a.m. on Monday, dealership manager Stephen Gerbino said the suspect walked in and introduced himself as “Adam Foley.” He was seen wearing a white hat and a Massachusetts State Police windbreaker.

Gerbino said the suspect asked a salesman if he could test drive a 2011 grey Chevy Silverado.

“When he asked him for his driver’s license before they went out on a test drive, he reached in his pocket and said, ‘Oh, I left it in my car. I have my police badge and ID here, is that good enough?’ And out of respect for the badge the sales guy said yeah,” said Gerbino.

The two went for a test drive and came back. The suspect had another request though: he wanted to take the truck by himself to Merrimack to show his wife. Gerbino said the salesman agreed to let him.

“After he let him take it for a little bit, he tried calling, he realized it was a fake number, fake address, fake everything,” said Gerbino.


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