It was another chilly day outside today but it was improvement from yesterday. Yesterday highs topped out at 40 degrees, but felt like the 20s with the wind chill. Today, we hit the low 40s but with less of a wind, wind chills were better… in the 30s. The cold air continues its trek east and will be gone tomorrow. That ridge of 50s over the Midwest will slide to the East Coast for your Thanksgiving!

We have a beautiful day on tap for Thanksgiving! We’ll start off in the 30s with plenty of sunshine and climb to the 50s in the afternoon.

We will be dry tomorrow so anywhere you travel in the Northeast will be smooth sailing! The increase of the cloud cover though is ahead of light rain that will move in for Friday.

Friday’s showers will be light and scattered. So it won’t rain all day and it won’t be flooding rains or downpours. So a great outdoor day? Not the best, no. But if you have travel plans on Friday, don’t worry about changing them. Your windshield wipers will be going at times, and traffic will probably be a bit slow, but at least in the weather department, it’s not bad enough to alter your plans.

As I said the rain will be light. It won’t rain all day, but the wettest time will be the morning. I think by 2pm or so we’ll see the rain exit and we may even see the sun before it sets for the day.

You can see on the current weather map the warm front that will bring the warm air for Thanksgiving. You also see the cold front that will bring the showers on Friday. If you look behind the cold front… yes, another round of chilly air that will arrive for the weekend. Now, we won’t see temperatures of 10 like you see here, but it’s another shot of both chilly air and a cool breeze for the weekend — especially Saturday.

With the cold air locked in for the weekend, we’ll watch another system on the way for Monday. With temperatures in the 20s and 30s, yes we may see our first snow flakes of the year. Still a little early for numbers (though, it’s not a BIG storm giving us FEET of snow), but some of us may get our first coating. This, by the way, is right on par with the average. We average our first measurable snow (at least 0.1″) in southern New England in mid to late November.

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