Milford teen becomes Jacksonville Jaguars fan

MILFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - A Milford teen has become a Jacksonville Jaguars fan despite his ties to New England.

David Pacella, a Milford High School student, grew up in a family full of Patriots fans, yet still managed to become a Jaguars fan.

He said it started when he was young because he liked the teams colors. Now, he says he loves the players and everything else about the Jacksonville team.

Pacella says he now stands out in his family’s photos. While his parents and siblings are in Patriots gear, Pacella is wearing Jaguars gear.

Growing up as a Jaguars fan, Pacella says he has had some disappointing seasons as a fan. But he said, “I knew they could be good, they’re a young team and I knew they could be good like they are now.”

As for his family, Pacella’s dad, Peter, said he will be happy for his son if the Jaguars win because he has been through, “…a lot of miserable seasons and he stuck with them.”

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