Looking for a confidence boost today, Boston? A dating app has you covered.

Clover, an online dating app, posted data from one of its algorithms that says both men and women from Boston are among the nation’s most attractive.

On the men’s side, though Massachusetts didn’t crack the top states, Boston was listed as the nation’s No. 4 city for attractive males.

For women, Boston ranked No. 3, while the Commonwealth came in at No. 5 in the most attractive states.

Clover’s data says that Connecticut is the state to find the most attractive women (Mississippi was last), while Montana was where to find the most attractive men. Sorry Rhode Islanders, but the Ocean State finished last among states on the men’s side.

Among city data, Manhattan has the most attractive women while Oklahoma City had the least attractive; for men, Jacksonville came in first and Sunnyvale, Calif. was last.

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