Moorish group sues New Hampshire police over traffic stop

MARLBOROUGH, N.H. (AP) — Members of a religious group sued multiple law enforcement agencies in New Hampshire for allegedly violating their rights during a traffic stop.

Members who identify as Moorish American Indigenous people of Moroccan descent alleged in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Concord on Dec. 5 that they have been targeted for their national origin and belief system, NHPR reported.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Moorish Americans an extremist group, citing acts of violence allegedly carried out by its members.

The traffic stop happened on Nov. 12 in Marlborough when a sergeant pulled over three cars occupied by Moorish Americans who were traveling in a caravan.

The lawsuit alleged several police cars “swarmed” the scene before arresting a member of the group and seizing at least one vehicle for failing to have proper motor vehicle registrations.

Marlborough police officials did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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