Mother sues to restore parental rights to transgender daughter

MINNEAPOLIS (WHDH) — A Minnesota mother has sued to have her parental rights restored to her transgender child who ran away from home.

Anmaria Calgaro filed a lawsuit in November, asking to have her parental rights restored. According to court documents, Calgaro’s child ran away from home in 2015; an emancipation letter from legal aid said, “The parent has surrendered their legal rights to control a child’s actions.” The letter said they lived apart for six months, Calgaro never reported her child as a runaway and made no attempts to bring the teenager home.

Calgaro’s attorney Erick Kaardal said the legal emancipation was never proven and she was unaware that her child started receiving medical treatment to transition to female. Park Nicollet, Fairview and St. Louis County Public Health and schools are blamed in the lawsuit for keeping medical and education records from Calgaro, as county and state funds cover the drugs and hormone therapy.

Calgaro said since she filed the lawsuit, her daughter, now 17 years old, has cut off contact.

“I am firmly committed for what is best for my son, for all of my children,” said Calgaro. “I am his mother, he is and always will be welcome in our home.”

A decision is expected in the case within two months but Calgaro’s daughter turns 18 this summer and will soon be able to make her own medical decisions.

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