Moving On

Congrats. You made it. This was the coldest day we’ll see of this bitter snap. While highs were mostly around 20, it’s certainly not the coldest – nor the longest – snap of winter. But few really care about that now. They just want it to be over. Yesterday.

Before the changeup, we’ve got a little bit of snow with a storm rolling out of the Deep South tonight. In some cases this has been a paralyzing storm for the South. Couple of inches can do them in…and get folks to do strange things to meteorologists reporting in the field:

Nice last second thwart by Mr. Cantore. We’re giving the Heisman to this storm too, but not all will dodge the snow.

Travel trouble spots in the morning: Rt. 24, Rt. 3, southern end of I-495 and of course Rt. 6 on the Cape. Speaking of, I’m still a little leery of the 5″ amounts on the Cape. There are some signs of the ocean effect starting up first thing in the morning, giving us isolated “jackpot” amounts from Dennis to the Seashore.

Clouds will be quick to depart tomorrow as the sun darts in by mid to late morning from west to east. Winds will sweep the bitter air eastbound and help us recover to the mid 20s.

Storms stay away too as the action zone turns to the Rockies and Southern Plains.