Colorado teen creates “My One Birthday”

Birthdays are usually full of cake and gifts, but one Colorado teen is trading all of that in.

Instead, Kyra Dooley, 13, is giving back to cancer patients, giving them the boost they need to keep fighting.

For Kyra’s birthday, she made a long wish list, but not for anything she’ll keep herself.

“For me, giving is so much better than getting,” said Kyra.

At age nine, Kyra felt called to spread happiness, and came up with the idea, “My One Birthday.”

“Instead of asking for gifts that would be for you, and about you, you give them to someone else,” said Kyra.

This year, she made 100 “chemo-care kits” for patients battling cancer.

She also made two bags for one family, Tess Karooth, 30 and her baby.

Last October at eight weeks pregnant, Tess learned that a small lump in her breast could jeopardize the health of her baby.

She went for a second opinion, one that proved to be life-giving, not only for baby Grace, but with one more round of chemo to go, for Tess as well.

Kyra visited with a small act of kindness, and a message.

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. You are amazing. Don’t forget that.”

Kyra has also made donations to the Ronald McDonald House, homeless shelters and animal shelters.